• Product Number: 106100

Diabetic adaption shoe with a special insole


  • Large volume and sole stiffener
  • Exchangeable side stabilizers
  • For rehabilitation, in case of amputations, instability and with bandages, Charcot’s Foot
  • Bandage and protection shoe for soft cushioning insole or the special insole “Modus”

Recommended for:

  • Diabetic feet with loss of sensitivity because of PNP / PAOD
  • Acute conditions with wounds / DNOAP
  • Risk Group VII of the shoe-technical treatment of the diabetic foot syndrome


  • Developed in Italy according to the guidelines of the DFSG (Diabetic Foot Study Group)
  • PERFECT FITTING®: the shoe perfectly adapts to the foot deformities
  • Thanks to the numerous finishing options of the shoe base, the orthopedic craftsperson can perfectly cater to their patients’ needs