Venezia Classic

  • Product Number: 106025-1
  • Aid Number:

A therapeutic ladies’ shoe for the diabetic foot with a semi-stiffened sole, upper leather


  • Highly flexible Flexpell® that perfectly adapts to the foot
  • Parts of the upper in leather
  • Semi-stiffened biomechanical sole Wellwalk®
  • Higher interior volume suitable for the insertion of a custom-made foot bed
  • Velcro fastener

Recommended for:

  • Diabetics with secondary prevention
  • Patients in Diabetes Risk Group 2 (German Diabetic Society guideline,) D.m. with loss of sensitivity because of PNP / PAOD


  • Developed in Italy according to the guidelines of the DFSG (Diabetic Foot Study Group)
  • PERFECT FITTING®: the shoe perfectly adapts to the foot deformities
  • Thanks to the numerous finishing options of the shoe base, the orthopedic craftsperson can perfectly cater to their patients’ needs