How can I order from you?

  • By phone (+49 (0)2631 – 34 55 10
  • By fax (+49 (0)2631 – 34 55 30)
  • By e-mail (service@w-r-lang.de)

You can of course also hand over your order to one of our sales representatives.

Can I pay the order by partial payment?

No, a partial payment is unfortunately not possible.

Are delivery after advance payment or cash on delivery possible?

We will be happy to deliver your order upon advance payment with an A/R reserve invoice or cash on delivery, respectively.

Can I subsequently change my order or add something to it?

We strive to process your order as fast as possible and on the same day, and then prepare it for shipment. It is therefore not always possible for us to change orders subsequently. We are of course happy to accept additional orders and ship them in separate packages.

Can I cancel my order?

You can only cancel orders not yet packaged and provided with a delivery note / invoice. As soon as these two steps are completed, the packages are immediately handed over to GLS, and it is not possible anymore to cancel the order.

Should you have any items on backlog that you do not require any more, you can cancel them at any time.

When will you ship my order?

We attach high importance to product availability as well as to short delivery times. We therefore as a rule ship your order on the same day, or on the following day latest.


When will my order be delivered?

As a rule, your order leaves our warehouse 24 hours after placing the order latest. We have a timely delivery of your goods very much at heart.

We ship using the GLS parcel service. GLS guarantees delivery within 48 hours. Generally, however, you receive your goods the next working day.

How much is shipping?

Shipping cost for delivery within Germany is € 5.75; shipping cost to Austria is € 9.50.

Please ask for shipping costs to other countries.

Which parcel service will deliver my goods?

We ship by GLS.

My order is not complete. When will the backlogs be delivered?

Backlogs will be delivered to you as soon as the goods are back in stock. The waiting time can be up to two weeks; with some individual articles, delivery time may still be a little longer.

Do not hesitate to ask whether the required articles are in stock when you place your next order!

Why do my packages arrive separately?

The reason for this lies with GLS. Parcels are sorted and distributed by means of conveyor belts. With a high parcel volume as is the case at GLS, it may happen that parcels are separated from each other. Another reason may be that GLS has placed the parcels into separate bridges.

We mark our parcels with a red sticker on which the package number is noted. Please always check whether your order is complete when you receive it!




Example: This shipment consists of two packages. This is the first of two parcels; the second one is still on its way to you.


What current offers do you have?

We would be happy to send you our current offers. You can also find them in our journal.

Contact our service team by phone (+49 (0) 2631 – 34 55 10), by email (service@w-r-lang.de) or use the contact form.


What is the procedure for a complaint?

Should you have received goods from us that do not fulfill your quality requirements or that are defect, we take these goods back. You may place a complaint by phone at +49 (0) 2631 – 34 55 10. Please have your delivery note or invoice number at hand for this.

How do I return reclaimed goods?

When you need to return goods to us, you can use any parcel service. Should this not be possible for you, our service team will be happy to help you. In addition, members of our sales force will take back wrongly delivered goods. We will always find a solution!

Please place a copy of your invoice/delivery note in the parcel. This way we can process the goods faster on our premises and send you your credit note.

I have received a delivery note showing a negative amount. What does this mean?

You receive a delivery note showing a negative amount when you have returned goods to us. This amount will be deducted and offset from you next invoice.

When do I receive my credit note?

You will receive a credit note as soon as the goods have arrived and been checked on our premises in Neuwied.

Will my credit note be offset or credited to my account automatically?

If there is a signed direct-debit form, a credit will be credited to your account, or offset from open items. If such a form does not exist, we ask you to deduct the amount from your next invoice.

I have received a bill correction. What does that mean?

A bill correction is a credit. You receive one when you have returned goods to us and the goods have arrived in Neuwied.


Where do I find my customer number?

You will find your customer number printed on every document you receive, be it an order confirmation, a delivery note, an invoice or any other kind of document.



How do I become one of your customers?

We sell to traders exclusively.

In order to collect your data we beforehand require a filled in customer-acquisition data sheet. You will find this form (German) for download in the download section of our website.

Please send it to us by Fax or e-mail once you have filled it in. We then register you as a new customer in our system and provide you with your customer number.

How do I change my payment method to SEPA direct-debit?

In case you wish to change your payment method to SEPA direct-debit, please contact our service team by phone (+49 (0)2631 – 34 55 10) or e-mail (service@w-r-lang.de). We will then provide you with all necessary documents.

Can I receive my invoices by e-mail?

We will be happy to send you your invoices by e-mail. Simply contact our service team by phone (+49 (0)2631 – 34 55 10) or e-mail (service@w-r-lang.de). We will then provide you with all necessary documents.