Not only W.R. Lang goes green!

Not only W.R. Lang goes green! From now on we will showcase sustainable ideas and concepts, as well as positive stories and examples concerning the protection of the environment:

Avoid plastic in everyday life and thus do less damage to the oceans. Travel by air less. Counteract climate change. Promote social justice by conscious consumption. There are more and more reports on what small and big measures each of us can take. By this doing this, we make the planet we live on healthier.

Not only W.R. Lang, other companies, too, have ideas how they can mitigate climate change and put them into practice. For example like the company Shoedoc with its online shoe repair or the Berlin-based company RETTERGUT.

Read here what projects we have already implemented in our company.

In the follwing there are some reports about people who feel commited to sustainability: