Our company, family-owned since 1872 and located in Neuwied, Germany, has made it its mission to fulfill the constantly growing exigencies of modern orthopedics by means of original concepts and innovative products. Our high-quality standard and intensive customer care, as well as the continuous training and further education of our by now more than 80 employees in office and fieldwork set high standards that benefit our customers. This of course includes the certification according to ISO 13485.

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Of honeybees, flowers and love :-)

This article is not only about honeybees, flowers and love, but first of all about how we can make a better life for our “pollinators”. Bizarre: green deserts and colorful sterility How appearances can sometimes be deceiving: Brightly colored beds with exotic flowering plants are in many parks and front gardens an eye- but far […]

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Buzzer-time at the W.R. Lang Bees!

Buzzer-time at W.R. Lang – Of unromantic swarms and romantic heroes The development of the bee colony reaches its peak in late spring and summer. Meadows and fields resemble a sea of blossoms, everything grows, blossoms, hums and buzzes. Who doesn’t get romantic thoughts? Now is also the time for our bees to reproduce, the […]

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09.10.2021 Practical Workshop 2 / 2021 Read more.

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