Lombok Plastic Free and W.R. Lang – Interim Assessment

Lombok Plastic Free and W.R. Lang – Interim Assessment

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Sustainable Commitment to Lombok Plastic Free: An Interim Assessment

In our ongoing collaboration with Lombok Plastic Free, we have taken significant steps to improve not only environmental protection but also the lives of the community in Lombok. Our fundraising campaign on World Children’s Day has brought about tangible changes. With the funds collected, we were able to acquire not only books and educational materials for the local school but also contribute to creating an inspiring learning environment.

Beach Clean-up

Another highlight was our joint Beach Clean-up, where we actively contributed to the removal of plastic waste. The beaches of Lombok were cleaned of debris to preserve natural beauty and reduce environmental pollution. This commitment goes beyond mere words and demonstrates that we are putting our ecological awareness into action.

Education and environmental protection are inherently interconnected. Investing in the local education of children is a crucial step towards a sustainable future. Through knowledge impartation, we not only foster individual growth but also strengthen the environmental awareness of the next generation

For Education and Environmental Protection

Our partnership with Lombok Plastic Free symbolizes the responsibility of a company towards the environment and the communities in which it operates. Together, we actively advocate for a world where education and environmental protection go hand in hand. Every donation, every Beach Clean-up, every step we take contributes to making a positive change. We are proud of what we have achieved so far and look forward to more opportunities to leave a lasting impact together with Lombok Plastic Free. 🌍💙

Watch a summary video (German) here, showcasing what Lombok Plastic Free achieved with our, and above all, your support in the past year:

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