Renewable resources for a more sustainable future

Renewable resources for a more sustainable future

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Renewable raw materials are also being used in other industries.

HerMes Multicopter

Standard and fiber reinforced plastics, such as fiberglass and carbon, are used in large parts of lightweight construction. However, they have significant deficits in terms of environmental compatibility, resource conservation and the recycle ability. And energy intensive processes are also used to manufacture them.

Their basic products are mostly of fossil origin. They have in some cases hazardous effects on health and the environment. At the end of the life cycle of components made of fiber-reinforced plastics, their poor recycle ability and degradability are very problematic. At this instant there are no fully adequate recycling processes.

As an alternative, Leichtwerk AG is developing structural designs that incorporate renewable raw materials. For example, they use the traditional lightweight material wood in modern veneer composites as well as natural fiber reinforced (bio) polymers. In addition to the significantly improved sustainability balance, these materials can improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of lightweight structures due to their excellent specific properties and lower manufacturing costs!

The idea

We have been experiencing rapid global economic development in recent decades. Related problems are environmental degradation, resource scarcity and climate change. That is why it is becoming increasingly important to create more sustainable products and additional, economic models. In the HerMes project, a multicopter system with a significant improved sustainability balance is being developed. Suitable materials and manufacturing processes based on renewable raw materials are being used for this purpose. In particular, wood and natural fiber reinforced bioplastics offer outstanding structural mechanical properties as well as good recyclability and cost efficiency. More information on this project can be found on the HerMes website.

Nachhaltigere Rohstoffe - Multicopter HerMes

Profile of Leichtwerk AG

Founded in 2018 as a new research company of the Leichtwerk Group, Leichtwerk looks back on 24 years of experience in the development of innovative technologies with the requirement of aerospace approval processes.
They are service providers for demanding research and development projects in the field of aerospace technology. The spectrum of topics includes the development and construction of manned and unmanned aircraft systems. In particular, this involves innovative lightweight structures as well as the development of flight operation procedures and human-machine interfaces. They also oversee the Leichtwerk Group’s flagship and research aircraft: the world’s largest glider eta (German)


The trend toward saving materials and using renewable raw materials is also clearly evident in the orthopedics industry.

We are always on the lookout for innovative and sustainable products. That is why we have had LaNe® BASALTGEWEBE and LaNe® FLACHS-FASERMATERIAL in our product range since last fall. Furthermore, we offer an multi-purpose epoxy resin with approx. 51% content of plantbased ingredients, the LaNe® GreenPoxy resin system.

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