Year after year? … more sustainable for customer and partner gifts.

Year after year? … more sustainable for customer and partner gifts.

Wir lieben Bienen - Logo W.R. Lang goes green

Our “W.R. Lang-goes green” campaign will soon enter its third year. We have been working on becoming greener and more sustainable with our environment since April 2019.

Many steps we have already taken. Our product range includes some products that are not climate-friendly, environmentally friendly or resource-saving. But for this very reason, we must do whatever is possible to find suitable alternatives for things that we can change.

In fact, Companies like W.R. Lang are called upon here to look further ahead. Our company can thus contribute to promoting a healthy economy in a healthy environment. Sustainability in the company means: triad of social, ecological and economic responsibility.
That is why we have decided to forego gifts for our customers and business partners in 2021.

Instead, we are participating in the project – Wir lieben Bienen (We love bees)

We have taken over the sponsorship of a bee colony for one year. This enables us to create over 100 square meters of natural meadow. The “bee pasture” – is a habitat for a variety of insects, animals and plants. A beekeeper takes care of the welfare of the little insects for us.

Here you can read the article on how to become more sustainable with a bee project .

Our bees -sustainable for customer and partner gifts

And it goes on! We start a second year with our bees, here the article.

Project – GemüseAckerdemie (this german word is composed of vegetable, vegetable field and academy)

GemüseAckerdemie is a year-round theory- and practice-based educational program. It aims to increase the appreciation of food among children and young people.
“Acker Mentors” from GemüseAckerdemie go into daycare centers, schools, or school classes. They help them grow a garden.
So far, almost 40,000 students at more than 360 schools have worked together with teachers in the GemüseAckerdemie. 15,700 children in 120 daycare centers have also acquired new knowledge about food and put it into practice.
With a donation we are committed to the appreciation of food and against the alienation from nature.

Logo Gemüseackerdemie-sustainable for customer and partner gifts

With this, we are taking another step toward “We’re getting greener!”

Here are more articles of sustainable projects we have already implemented: