The second year WeLoveBees

The second year WeLoveBees

Our sponsorship “WeLoveBees” goes into the second year.

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The health certificates are here. Below we give a shoulder view at the required annual health check with Joe and Heinrich.

You’ll be seeing Heinrich more often. He strengthens the beekeeping team with his expertise as a certified bee expert since this year and always finds wonderful new locations for bees and flowering pastures for us. With the health certificate, the colonies can finally move to their new locations for 2022.

As soon as they are at their destination, our hardworking “employees” get going. We then show where our bees now “live”, which landscape they pollinate and where they produce our sponsor honey. Everything else nature tells us anew every year.
We can already look forward to the development of the bee pastures that we make possible as part of our sponsorship. With our (financial) support, we make possible a brilliant sea of blossoms in the landscape, culminating in June. We will then observe a feast of biodiversity in these important conservation and habitats and let you share in it.

the second year - cherry blossoms in the snow

We make ourselves strong for the native nature and also for the biodiversity threatened with us in Germany!

W.R LANG becomes active another year and contributes with this project concretely a part to environmental and species protection.
Half of the 560 bee species living in Germany are now threatened with extinction. The irresponsible use of pesticides, introduced pests and a simple lack of food are just a few of the reasons why wild bees and honeybees are suffering worldwide. So what do we do? Create rock gardens?…
W.R LANG acts and enables the creation of 100 square meters of natural meadow, the “bee pasture”.
So we are looking forward to another wonderful year with our hard-working female employees (the male quota is quite manageable here), are excited about a hopefully “fat harvest” and will gladly keep you informed during the second bee year.

the second year - health check 3

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