New Banderoles for Bedding Blanks

New Banderoles for Bedding Blanks

W.R. Lang goes green! with New banderoles

New Banderoles for bedding blanks – We aim to make our company a little greener every month.

In 2016, 18.16 million tons of waste were generated in Germany, which constitutes a rise of 0.05% compared to 2015. This has been the result of a study regarding the production and use of packaging materials in Germany by the Federal Environment Agency (UBA).


Packaging in Germany - New Banderoles


This amounts to 220.5 kg of packaging waste per capita in 2016. In comparison, the wastage in the EU 2015 was 167.3 kg per capita.

Of the total waste from packaging materials, 70% were recycled. The rest was mostly exploited  energetically. The president of the UBA, Maria Krautzberger, comments this:

„We produce much too much packaging waste – a sad top spot in Europe.“

The management and our field staff have been looking for new solutions because we want to make a small contribution to the avoidance of plastic and packaging waste.

One result are our new banderoles for bedding blanks. It is made of brown Kraft paper, an FSC certified recycling paper. These banderoles replace the plastic bags the bedding blanks used to be packaged in.

Form now on we are delivering these banderoles to our customers, and hope to make a small contribution to the protection of the environment with this.

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