• Product Number: 22684

For the efficient manufacturing of adapted foot beds with the option of subsequently integrating relief areas. Foot beds with stabilising function by means of shell-shaped variants. In the case of strongly deformed feet and a bodyweight over 105 kg, extensive relief by using PUR materials (e.g. Intelli-Purflex or Purflex).

There is an application video for this material on our Lang TV page.

Total Thickness

approx. 20 mm

Sheet Size

approx. 850 x 800 mm


up to 105 kg

Oven Settings

approx. 130 – 150° C

Activation Time

approx. 7 min.

Cooling time

approx. 14 min.

Individual Product Function Colour Thickness
EVA 25 Shore A bedding skin 6 mm
EVA 55 Shore A stabilising turquoise 2 mm
EVA 45 Shore A shock-absorbing orange 12 mm