EVA Sandwich Triplex_N
  • Product Number: 22689
EVA SPEZIAL SANDWICH TRIPLEX® N – a combination of an incredible wearing comfort with outstanding edge stability for the efficient manufacturing of:
  • Adapted foot beds for diabetics and rheumatics of a weight of:

> = 105 kg                  EVA prima 15 with bedding function

85 kg                   EVA Prima 15 with high elasticity function, which is also suitable                                      because of its great softness

  • A visually appealing variant for comfort-oriented foot beds adaptable to a wide range of clinical pictures.

Total Thickness

approx. 22 mm

Sheet Size

approx. 860 x 820 mm


>= 105 kg

Oven Settings

not over 130° C

Activation Time

approx. 6 Minutes

Cooling time

approx. 12 Minutes

Individual Product Function Colour Thickness
EVA PRIMA 15 anformend hellgrau 5 mm
EVA PRIMA 30 hochelastisch hellblau 5 mm
EVA 55 stabilisierend grau 12 mm