• Product Number: 85 903

Special features and differences to the other Sandwich ® OT variants:

We have succeeded in vulcanizing two EVA formulations with extremely varying Shore hardnesses (15 and 70 Shore A) together.

The pressure-relieving layer of EVA PRIMA 15, already known from our EVA standard range and the EVA SPECIAL SANDWICH TRIPLEX ® N, is another 10 Shore softer than the cushioning first layer of the SANDWICH ® OT ONE and OT TWO variants. This offers the advantage of greater pressure relief when fitted to the patient. This important property is not only apparent in specific areas. The OT THREE also achieves good pressure reduction over large areas. At the same time, permanent elasticity is maintained as far as possible.

The second layer of EVA Shore 70 provides the necessary stability.
This new material combination was designed for the treatment of highly sensitive patient feet and is predestined for interim fittings after forefoot amputation, for example in diabetics.

Total Thickness

8 mm

Sheet Size

approx. 1320 x 800 mm

Oven Settings

approx. 130 – 150° C

Activation Time

With one-sided heating (e.g. quartz radiator) approx. 7 min,
in closed oven (activation from both sides) approx. 3 min.

Cooling time

The time of cooling down is reached as soon as the
surface temperature is below 50 ° C.

Individual Product Function Colour Thickness
EVA Shore 40 A pressure-relieving light-grey 5 mm
EVA Shore 50 A stabilizing navy blue 3 mm