Energies from renewable sources generating “green” production

Energies from renewable sources generating “green” production

Since July 2022, we have been using energies from renewable sources for manufacturing in our new production hall.

Logo W.R. Lang goes green

After moving from the rented building in Neuwied-Engers to the new premises, we now manufacture in our own production hall at the Neuwied site.

The company W.R. Lang has invested in renewable energies during the construction of the hall. Now we can reduce its own electricity bill in production by using its own energy. With the photovoltaic system we can reduce the electricity consumption of the company W.R. Lang. An important step into a clean future.

With the photovoltaic system we can cover the entire electricity consumption of the production. We even feed it into the public grid. The price for the electricity from renewable energies that we do not consume ourselves is several cents per kilowatt hour lower for this large system than for small systems. These are devices installed, for example, in single-family houses.

Even if the investment costs seem high, the solar plant will quickly pay off financially. The tendency of the electricity price is still rising. So you can see pretty quickly that the relatively high investment will have paid off amazingly quickly. The solar power project at our Neuwied site is therefore not only good for the environment, but also good for the wallet.

Since June, we have produced 17.315 megawatts and have only had to purchase 360 KW/H in production.

This means that in production we can cover 95% of consumption, at least in the summer half-year.

Company building as installation site

Large, flat and robust: the office building of our new production hall offers ideal conditions for a photovoltaic system.

Another advantage is the customary period of use. Electricity consumption in private buildings is often higher when the sun is not shining. It is usually the other way round in industrial halls. Work is carried out there mainly during the day, i.e. precisely when the energy yield is particularly high.

Renewable energies - our company building with the new production hall

Solar power …

… is the colloquial term for electrical energy converted from solar energy. This form of energy is counted among the renewable energies. In fact, it is available on earth every day during the day. Furthermore, the sun is a virtually inexhaustible source of energy by human standards.

Solar power can be generated by photovoltaic systems or with solar thermal power plants (via a detour using solar thermal energy). Photovoltaics is by far the most important form of solar power generation worldwide. Other types of power plants include solar farm power plants, solar tower power plants, solar Stirling plants and thermal power plants. Due to its very large potential, solar energy, together with wind energy, is considered to be the most important future energy source in the context of the energy transition.

The production of solar power as renewable energy depends on external influences on which man has no – or only limited – influence. Not influenceable are e.g. season, time of day, weather conditions (e.g. ambient temperature, clouds, air turbidity), influenceable e.g. shading by superstructures, trees, flagpoles and similar or the installation site (e.g. geographical latitude).

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