Extremfall - Sandwich OT TWO
  • Product Number: 85902

Just as SANDWICH ® OT ONE, this product combines the requested measure of stability (outside: EVA approx. 70 Shore A) cushioning inside (inner layer: EVA approx. 25 Shore A)

However the stabilising layer of SANDWICH® OT TWO has 2 mm more thickness.



  • immobilisation of the wrist after surgical procedures, joint contracture prophylaxis
  • carpal canal syndrome
  • tenovaginitis
  • rheumatic arthritis


There is an application video for this material on our Lang TV page.

We have also written an article on this product with application examples of orthoses made of SANDWICH® OT TWO.

Total Thickness

approx. 9 mm

Sheet Size

approx. 1320 x 800 mm

Oven Settings

approx. 130 - 150° C

Activation Time

approx. 5 - 6 min.

Cooling time

approx. 5 - 6 min.

Individual Product Function Colour Thickness
EVA 25 Shore A padding Caribbean blue 4 mm
EVA 70 Shore A supporting stone grey 5 mm